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Juniper Hill Stables

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Please call/text 281-615-3152 to reserve your trailride 

Hello. Thanks for choosing Juniper Hill Stables for your horseback riding experience....                                                                                                                       

  • **minimum age limit of 10 years old
  • **Maximum weight limit  225lbs.                                            

  • 1. Google Maps is accurate. Other mapping apps are not guaranteed accurate.                                                                        
  • 2. If possible arrive a few minutes early to sign release forms. I have added a link at the bottom of this page to download the liability form. 

  • 3. Upon arrival at Juniper Hill Stables, located at The WEST 1077 GUEST RANCH, follow the paved drive up the hill. There is a small office straight ahead. Parking is available to the left of the office OR around the left corner near a huge outdoor BBQ grill. 

  • 4. Come straight up to the horsebarn to check-in for your ride

  • 5. The office is for overnight guest lodging check-in .

  • 6. Please call or text 281-615-3152 if your plans change. 

  • 7. Juniper Hill prefers cash payment. Credit & Debit cards are welcome also...

  • 8. There might be a few other riders scheduled at the same time as your ride and/or another ride scheduled after your ride.....with that in mind please try to schedule your arrival at the ranch with enough time to sign release forms, sunscreen, bathrooms...etc..  Juniper Hill wants all our guests to have a fantastic & timely experience with the horses.

  • 9. 9061 Bandera Creek Rd. , Bandera, Texas 78003

I am looking forward to taking ya'll out for a great ride!    eileen


Do you want a 1 hour ride? A 2 hour ride? .......

All rides are subject to cancellation and/or postponement as a result of inclement weather. Please make sure your contact information is current in order for management to contact you with any scheduling changes. Thanks. !

About the rides....


1 hour rides

Juniper Hill Stables is located on The West 1077 Guest Ranch. The one hour ride explores this beautiful ranch. We will walk through lightly wooded areas, across open pastures & along breathtaking scenic overlooks. The trails are a combination of shade and sunny. The footing varies from soft dirt to hard caliche beds to rocky hillsides.


2 hour rides

The same scenery prevails on the longer rides. This ride, however, will venture into **The Hill Country State Natural Area (SNA). We saddle up and ride our horses from Juniper Hill Stables' barn across open grazing land directly into the SNA via a private gate. The scenery is a dramatic continuation of the beauty experienced at The West 1077 Guest Ranch. The SNA was once a large cattle ranch. The land was donated to the State of Texas in 1976 for public use. 


Hill Country State Natural Area (SNA)

Hill Country State Natural Area-Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

**There are restrictions regarding access during inclement weather. On occasion this option is not available. **

Liability Release Form

Before you arrive for your horseback ride.....

  1.  I recommend you download & sign the attached "Liability Release Form" and bring with you to the barn! 
  2. The form has 2 sides ( front and back )
  3. Every person in the barn : rider and/or observer MUST have a completed liability form on file. 
  4. Please complete the form in its entirety. 
  5. Any questions can be directed to Eileen via text 281-615-3152  or email