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Juniper Hill Stables

Frequently Asked Questions....


What is the minimum age limit for horseback riders?

The minimum age limit for horseback riders at Juniper Hill Stables is 10 years old. 

Younger riders are considered on a case by case basis. 

*Younger riders MUST receive  approval before the day of a scheduled ride.*  

Safety is a priority, therefore, special accomodations ie. extra staffing, horse availability, riders experience and total number of riders in the group are some of the considerations for scheduling younger riders. 

Is Riding "double" permitted?

Riding double (two riders on a horse together, usually a parent and a small child) is not permitted. 

Equine liability insurance prohibits riding double.

(Note: It is generally considered very unsafe ! )

What is the maximum weight limit for horseback riders?

The maximum weight limit is 225 lbs. 

The horses have a tough job on varied terrain that is often rocky. 

I prioritize my horses back & health with stricter weight limits than you may see elsewhere.  

Please do not take these restrictions personally. 

Accuracy of sizes given upon reservation (give or take 5 to 10 pounds) is much appreciated, and sometimes essential to my ability to fulfill the reservation. 

Only a few of my horses can carry riders at the maximum limit.

Can I take pictures during my horseback ride?

Yes,  and yes again!!!!  

The scenery is beautiful. I encourage my guests to take pictures.

I will gladly stop at any point to "stage" a group picture.  

I will also let ya'll know when there is a good photo location further up the trail.

I do provide saddle bags to carry cell phones, cameras and/or water bottles. 

How do I pay for the horseback ride?

Juniper Hill Stables accepts both cash and credit card. Payment is due following your horseback ride. 

A deposit is not required to hold your reservation.... Please notify Juniper Hill Stables if your plans change.